Distinguished Lecture

Every year, after the BAS business meeting, the section hosts a Distinguised Lecture. Lecturers are selected by the BAS Executive Committee, though any member can make suggestions to committee members for future lecture ideas.

Here is the list of BAS AAA Distinguished Speakers:

2017: Debra Martin “Violence in Small Scale Societies”

2016: Karen Rosenberg

2015: Bill Leonard

2014: Karen Strier “What Does Variation in Primate Behavior Mean?”

2013: Margaret Schoeninger

2012 Darna Dufour “Anthropological Perspectives on Nutrition Transitions”

2011 Jonathan Marks, “Why Be Against Darwin? Creationism, Racism, and the Roots of Anthropology.”

2010 Ken Weiss “What Darwin got wrong and why it matters.

2009 Sarah Blaffer Hrdy “Darwin and the Ascent of Emotionally Modern Man: How Humans Became such Hypersocial Apes.”

2008 Dean Falk, “A Tale of Two Discoveries: Taung (1925) and Hobbit (2004)”

2007 T. Steegmann

2006 Wenda Trevathan

2005/2004 George Armelagos

2003 Milford Wolpoff

2002 Eugenie Scott

2001: Frans de Waal