What is BAS?

The Biological Anthropology Section (BAS) of the American Anthropological Association (AAA) comprises a wide range of anthropologists and students whose interests converge on questions related to the evolution and biological development of humans from a comparative perspective. Specific areas of interest include the study of non-human primates as models for understanding the evolutionary and ecological processes that shaped the biology and behavior of humans and our ancestors, studies of the fossil record of humans and hominids that reveal patterns of evolutionary change, and studies of the biology and genetics of modern humans for insights into adaptation and variation.

How can I get involved?

Join our section of the AAA. You must be a member of the AAA before joining. Go here to join the AAA or sign in to add membership to the Biological Anthropology Section. Membership costs $20 for non-students and $5 for students.

Once you are a member (yes, even a student member), you can attend the BAS business meeting at the AAA and vote on any business. This is a great way to learn what the BAS is doing, get involved, meet the other members, and to have a say in the section’s priorities.

You can also keep up with section news by joining the BAS Facebook group, or checking the website for updates.

The BAS offers two awards: the W.W. Howells Book Award and the Student Poster/Paper Award. You can apply for, nominate someone else for, or donate to the award fund for these awards.

You can also attend the Distinguished Lecture hosted by the BAS at the end of each business meeting.

Where can I find more information?