Primate Conservation Biology field school

Summer 2011, University of Iowa Study Abroad program and TREE field studies (

This program will take place in the Udzungwa Mountains in Tanzania and is one of the few field schools in Africa to focus explicitly on conservation biology. Please let any potentially interested undergraduate or beginning graduate students know about this opportunity. See the attached flyer for further detail.


  • The field school will take place in the Udzungwa Mountains, which are home to 13 different species of primate and belong to a Global Biodiversity Hotspot.
  • Participants will be able to see the Endangered Sanje mangabey and Endangered Iringa red colobus monkey, both of which are only found in the Udzungwa Mountains. Black-and-white colobus monkey, Sykes monkey, and yellow baboon sightings will also easily be made.
  • Housing accommodations will be at the Udzungwa Ecological Monitoring Centre (, which will include beds, running water, and electricity.
  • Trips to local community conservation projects managed by World Wildlife Fund (WWF) will be made to see conservation efforts in villages surrounding the forest.
  • A trip to Mikumi National Park will be made to see savanna animals (e.g., elephants, giraffes, and lions) and to witness conservation issues in a different habitat.
  • A trip to Zanzibar Island, famous for its beaches and historic Stone town, will be made. Jonzani National Park will also be visited to see the Zanzibar red colobus monkey and learn about the challenges in protecting this Endangered primate.