2018 AAA Submissions

Logo_of_the_American_Anthropological_AssociationThis year we will be organizing a session of student presentations and will give awards for best student presentations. To be eligible for BAS awards, students must be part of this session! To be included in this session and therefore eligible for awards, students MUST notify Program Chair Chris Lynn (cdlynn@ua.edu) that they have submitted individual presentations for the BAS section.

We encourage you to consider organizing sessions in affiliation with BAS or joint sessions with BAS and other organizations (which means we can sponsor more sessions!). The BAS Program Committee is happy to provide feedback to anyone considering a submission for AAA or to answer any questions. Contact Program Chair Chris Lynn (cdlynn@ua.edu) with questions or info about your sessions.

The AAA submission portal closes April 16th at 3pm EST, with no new submissions allowed after 2pm EST.